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Next Level Nerd's LEVELING UP

A Serial or Episodic podcast that discusses, reviews and theorizes about TV shows new and old. With your hosts Felicia, Joseph, Justin and our newest host Felicia!

May 24, 2018

“An old friend once told me something that gave me comfort. Something he had read. He said that Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin never died, they simply became music. So I hope you will enjoy this last piece... very much…”
In this week's episode we talk about Westworld season 2 episode 5! As always Spoiler Warning so make sure you are all caught up before giving a listen.
This episode we take a good hard look at the differences between 2 characters whose story lines are in stark contrast and how Ford and Arnold are “becoming music” as well as James Marsden's assets...

Thanks for listening!

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